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Your work at your fingertips

Past performance is an indicator of future results

Over the term of your career, there will be times where having a sample of your work can validate your skills to win that job.
The problem is that you either didn't save it or can't find where you saved it.
The Lifetime Portfolio give you a place to save your work to, organize it and most importantly send the samples you need to the company you want.





How it works

Making cloud storage work for you

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Selectively send access to people you are interviewing with.

As you begin to get interviews, you can send links to the files you want them to see. You don't have to worry about it getting lost or misplaced ever again.


The guidance, support and perspective I gained through the program was extremely helpful in identifying and pursuing a career in sales. MyHuntPath has also taught me the importance of career maintenance. I continue to cultivate meaningful relationships and navigate toward my goals.

- SHAWN, Cleveland

Are you Networking Successfully?
Tom Johnston

Are you Networking Successfully?
Tom Johnston

Networking Successfully

Building genuine relationships and thinking, what you can offer.