Our Story

People ask us all the time why a search network built MyHuntPath. Traditionally, search consultants (Headhunters) do not spend much time with people that they cannot place.

In 2009, Tom (our founder) sitting in church one Sunday, heard a sermon that changed the course of our business. The minister talked about the idea of fulfilling your mission. She explained that each person should follow a personal mission, guided by personal interests and abilities. This sermon inspired Tom to take his knowledge and volunteer helping the unemployed in the local community to find the way to their career goals.

This was the birth of MyHuntPath. Originally, we only expected to see unemployed people at our first meetings. We were shocked to discover though, that a large amount of people in the room DID have a job. They were students (at all levels), retirees, young veterans, ex-cons, moms wanting to return to the workforce, and a few wannabe entrepreneurs.

Our objective became to guide and teach them to be “headhunters”. As our training started to accelerate, we continued to gain new faces in the room. The outcome was fruitful, and most of them were getting back on their feet. The positive response and outcome encouraged us to establish a local business incubator and expanded to support various groups in the area of Cleveland. This led to the development of an essential career tool called “MyHuntPath”.

Our approach is unique. The best people to go to for career management advice are the ones who do it for a living, the headhunters who bring companies and candidates together every day.

You may not be a right fit for a search, but you are right for MyHuntPath, as our platform helps all job seekers no matter the age or field. In fulfilling our mission, you have use MyHuntPath to fulfill yours.

Our Team

Tom Johnston
Tom is known as the Headhunter's Headhunter, because he is the person executive search firms come to when they need top talent. It was Tom's vision that led to the creation of MyHuntPath and as an active recruiter he continues to be a source of content for the site and a coach for our members. Tom is deeply involved in the community, but along with his family, he has a passion for wrestling (collegient and club)and Italian hot dogs. Tom's grown daughter is a highly successful recruiter servicing the pet food and supplies industry who has two beautiful daughters. Tom and Amy also have twins who have just started High School
Amy Johnston
Chief Curator
Amy started in executive search in 2000 but she had a destiny to fulfill. She helped Tom start the SearchPath network in 2005 as the "keeper". Amy loves dogs and kids and like most parents of teenagers (the twins) she spends a lot of time getting them from place to place. It isn't surprising though that her background in statistics and development led her to be the definitive librarian of all search and placement training and network knowledge, making her the ideal curator for MyHuntPath. She continues to tireless search out new content for the MyHuntPath members.
Vince Agresti
Client Advocate
Vince has been in the search and franchise business since 1977. The majority of that time, he has been the go-to-guy for supporting his clients. A jersey boy who transfered to Cleveland, he has a wife (who is the executive director of one of a 185 bed pet rescue) , 3 grown successful kids and between them all they have 6 dogs, a cat and a horse. Vince traveled this summer to Chennai getting the design team cranking on this site and Kabul training and supporting a group of women becoming recruiters and franchisees.

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