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The Headhunter's Approach

Our program teaches you the methods that headhunters have used to place people into jobs that paid a total over $240 billion in 2016. Develop skills that are goal-driven, metrics-oriented, and focused. By learning our ways, you can get the companies you most want to work for to come to you.

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Unlike other offerings, MyHuntPath allows you to effectively manage your career from graduation to retirement by combining innovative content based on the Headhunter’s Approach. We’ve created a self-directed, one-stop destination with a private job board and contact management application that brings the technologies, tactics and strategies used by the experts in career management, the headhunters, for you to access.

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I'm grateful to the team at MyHuntPath for changing my life with the MyHuntPath program

- MEGHAN D, Ohio University Graduate

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Business Plan for Life

Business Plan for Life

Business Plan for Life

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